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PhpCommander is a web-based file manager that manage your web acount without any FTP access.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What's the preferred way of making PhpCommander secure?
You can use HTTP authentication by creating files: .htaccess and .htpassword.
Example od .htaccess file:
AuthUserFile .htpassword
AuthName "Access protected"
AuthType Basic
require valid-user

How is defined the maximum upload file size?
It is defined by PHP configuration file - php.ini. Default value of this parameter is 2097152 bytes (aprox 2MB)

What's the WYSIWYG HTML editor?
WYSIWYG HTML editor is htmlArea from our friend at This rich text editor lets you do the following:
  • Format text to be bold, italicized, or underlined.
  • Change the face, size, style and colour.
  • Left, centre, or right-justify paragraphs.
  • Make bulleted or numbered lists.
  • Indent or un-indent paragraphs.
  • Insert a horizontal line.
  • Insert hyperlinks and images.
  • View the raw HTML

    What are the browser requirements for WYSIWYG HTML editor?
    WYSIWYG editor requires Internet Explorer 5.5 or better on Windows to run. This is because it makes use of some advanced features of IE5.5 that aren't available in other browsers yet. It is backwards compatible with other browsers, though. They will get a regular textarea field instead of a WYSIWYG editor.

    Where can I find out more info, download the latest version, and talk to other users?
    You can find out more about PhpCommander and download the latest version on the PhpCommander homepage.

  • PhpCommander download page:
    PhpCommander main page